Resume Search Results

Resume search results provide the basic resume information including the resume title, resume updated date, the job seeker's city of residence, and the job seeker's objective statement or summary of qualifications. If you do not see an objective statement or summary, the resume may be uploaded as a PDF. A U.S. flag next to the resume title indicates that the job seeker is a veteran or covered person. The words Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum next to the resume title indicate WorkKeys scores. To view resume details, click the resume title. When not logged in, if you click a resume title, you will receive an error message that you must create an account or log in to view the details of a resume.

Viewing Resume Search Results

To find out more about an AJL resume on your search results page, click the blue resume title. This takes you to the Resume Details page for that job.

To return to the search results, click the Return to Search Results button. To view the next resume in the results, click the Next button.

  • You must be logged into your employer account to view the Resume Details page. Review the information carefully to learn about the job seeker, including the name, contact info, last updated date, links to print or save the resume, and additional job preferences.

Resume Details

The amount and type of information on the Resume Details page varies by the job; however, most Resume Details pages include the following information:

  • Job seeker name
  • Job seeker contact email
  • Updated at (Date the resume was last updated)
  • Print Preview (link)
  • Save as Word (link)
  • Save as PDF (link)
  • Are you seeking full time or part time work? (No Preference, Part, or Full)
  • What is your preferred shift to work? (No Preference, Day, Evening, Night, Rotating, Split )
  • Are you willing to accept temporary work? (Yes or No)
  • Are you willing to travel as a requirement of the job? (Yes or No)