Creating an Account

To access AJL's full range of resume search options and to build or upload your job postings, you need to create an employer account. Creating an employer account is free and allows you to take full advantage of AJL's recruitment and labor information services. With an employer account you can post job orders, search the AJL database containing thousands of resumes, save a resume search profile for future use, and more. This section will walk you through the steps required to create an employer account, and explain how to edit or update your account information.

Quick Start Guide

Click to view full-screen video in new window: Creating an Employer Account

Self-Service vs. Staff-Assisted

AJL gives you the choice between managing your own job orders and recruitment efforts (self-service) or allowing a workforce professional at your local AJC to manage them for you (staff-assisted).

Even if you choose to begin by creating a self-service account, you can contact your local AJC for assistance at any time. The workforce professionals there are trained to answer your recruitment and labor market questions, process job orders, contact job candidates for interviews, and more. To locate the AJC nearest you, click Contact Us above the top navigation menu on the AJL home page.

Creating an Employer Account

  1. On the AJL home page, click Log In/Register, then click Employer. The Employers page displays.
  2. Under Employer Login, click the Register for a new account button. The Employer Use Policy page displays.
  3. Carefully read the information on the Employer Use Policy page and select I Accept or I Decline. Text on the Employer Use Policy will vary according to state.
    1. To indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the Employer Use Policy, click I Accept. This directs you to the New Account Creation for Employer page.
    2. To indicate that you have read, understood, and cannot or choose not to comply with the Employer Use Policy, click I Decline. This terminates the account creation process and directs you to the AJL home page.
  4. The Employer Lookup page displays. Type your company's FEIN and SEIN.
    1. If no matches are found for the FEIN and SEIN, the Employer Registration page displays.
    2. If a match is found for the FEIN or SEIN, a validation message displays. You may choose to continue your registration.
    3. Do not create multiple accounts for multiple company locations. One employer account can manage job postings for multiple locations through the Address Book function.
  5. The Create Employer Account page displays. Provide, at a minimum, all of the required information. Required information is marked throughout AJL with an asterisk. Complete the fields according to the instructions.
  1. Click Submit.

Employer Approval

After you create your employer account, your account information is routed to state-designated staff for approval. The approval process typically takes 24 to 72 hours. If additional information is needed to approve your account, you will be contacted by phone or email. You can create job orders now, and they will be visible to job seekers when your account is approved.