Upload Documents

The Upload Documents page allows you to securely upload any document to your account, which can then be viewed by AJL staff. To view the Upload Documents page, select Upload Documents from the side menu.

Add New Document

  1. To upload a new document to your account, select Add New Document. The New Document page displays.

  2. Click Select Or Drop File to Upload and select the desired file. You may also click and drag the file into this field. The name of the selected file appears in the text box.

  3. Enter a descriptive Document Name.

  4. (Optional) Enter a File Description.

  5. Select Save. You are returned to the Uploaded Documentation page and the selected document appears in the table.

Edit Document

  1. To edit an uploaded document, select Edit in the Actions column.

  2. You can view the uploaded file by clicking the link in the Uploaded Document field.

  3. Edit the Document Name and/or File Description as needed and select Save.

Delete Document

  1. To delete an uploaded document, select the Delete (trash can) icon in the Actions column.

  2. Select Delete in the confirmation dialog that appears. Deleted documents cannot be recovered.