Employer FAQs

Every time I log in, I see an Email Confirmation page. What do I do?

When you made your account, you may have entered your email, or you may have added it to your Address Book later. The first time you gave us your email address, we sent you an email message so you could confirm that you have access to that email address. If that email went to your junk mail or if you didn't select the link in it, you will see a message every time you log in, asking for you to confirm your email. When you select the Confirm Email button, we send you an email. You must select the link in that email within 24 hours to successfully confirm it. We ask you to confirm your email for your security. With a confirmed email, you can receive password reset instructions. For more information, see the Email Confirmation section.

I tried to log in, and I see a security question I didn't pick. What do I do?

It's possible your account has been disabled because you have not logged in for some time. To reactivate your account, you must contact staff at your local American Job Center. You cannot successfully reset your password or access your account until it is reactivated. See Forgot Password for more info.

I tried to answer my security question, but now I see a message that says my account is locked with a countdown. What do I do?

For your security, we lock your account after you enter your password or your security question incorrectly too many times. Contact local American Job Center staff or try again tomorrow. See Forgot Password for more info.

When I log in, I see a message that my account is pending approval. What do I do?

American Job Center staff are reviewing your account. It typically takes 2-3 business days for your account to be verified. You can still create job postings while you wait for your account to be approved. Once your account is approved, the jobs will display to the public (displaying first to logged in veterans to provide veterans priority of service).

When I view My Job Postings, I see an Incomplete banner. What do I do?

An Incomplete banner at the top of a job posting indicates that the job posting is missing required information. Your job posting can be incomplete and still be visible to the public. However, the first time you try to edit anything in that posting, you must fill out all required fields to update and activate the job.

How do I delete a job I no longer wish to have posted?

Only staff have the ability to completely delete a job posting from the system. However, you can close the job, and it will no longer be visible to the public. When you select to close a job, we ask why you are closing it to know if you've filled the position.

When I log in, I see an Incomplete banner. What do I do?

An Incomplete banner at the top of your home page indicates that required account information is missing. Your ability to create and edit jobs will be restricted until you fill out all required information to update your account.