Managing Your Account

Account Login

  1. Navigate to your state’s AJL website. At the top right of the AJL home page, click Log In/Register.
  2. Type your username and password.
  3. Click Log In.
    1. If you have not entered an email into your account or have not taken the opportunity to confirm your email address, an Email Confirmation page will display upon login. You have the option to enter your email address and to click Submit to confirm your email address. If you choose to verify your email address, you will receive an email message with a confirmation link that is active for 24 hours. Upon clicking the link, you will return to the AJL login. If the email address you have entered has already been confirmed, you will receive a validation message asking you to submit a different email address for confirmation. You may choose to continue to your account without entering another email address.
      • A confirmed email address ensures greater security for your account.
    2. If you repeatedly fail to log in successfully, you will be locked out of your account for a designated amount of time (varies by state).
  4. Your home page displays the date and time you last logged into your account, along with the number of unsuccessful login attempts (if any) within a number of days defined by your state. If you do not recognize the last login or an unsuccessful login attempt, contact technical support using the contact information provided.

Forgot Username

  1. At the top right of the AJL home page, click Log In/Register and then click the Forgot Password or Username link.
  2. Under Forgot Username, type your email address and click Submit.
    1. If you have not provided an email address or have not confirmed your email address, a validation message will display that reads: "JobLink cannot verify the email address. If you have not provided or confirmed your email address, please click Alternate Recovery."
    2. If you have a confirmed email, an email is automatically sent to your email. The page refreshes to the AJL splash page and a notification reads: "An email has been sent to <email>." You will receive an email with your username.
  3. If you cannot retrieve your username via email, you can click the Alternate Recovery link. The Alternate Username Recovery page displays.
    1. Select "Employer" for account type and type the company's FEIN, the account holder's last name, and the ZIP code on the account.
      1. If you enter incorrect information, a confirmation message displays: "JobLink cannot verify the information provided. Please contact your local American Job Center for assistance. If you cannot enter the correct information after several attempts, a validation message displays: "You have reached the maximum number of attempts to retrieve your username. Please contact your local American Job Center for assistance."
      2. If you provide the correct information, a notification will display your username.

Forgot Password

  1. Click the Forgot Username or Password link on the AJL splash page in the Log In/Register drop-down. The Forgot Password/Forgot Username page displays.
  2. Type your username and click Submit.
  3. Reset your password with one of the following four options (click to view drop-downs):
  • Passwords must be between 8 and 20 characters and must pass a strength test. A password that contains dictionary words or patterns that are easy to identify is considered weak. “Dictionary” words include first names, surnames, proper nouns, years, etc. The use of characters to replace common letters, like “3” for “E” or “@” for “a”—is also often considered weak. An example of a weak password is "December_2017" while a much stronger password would be "Decembrr12" or "ItIs20Dec17."

Disabled Account

If you attempt to log in and/or reset your password and receive a message that your account has been disabled, contact your local AJC for assistance. (Click Contact Us in the top navigation menu to identify your local AJC.) Accounts are typically disabled if you have not successfully logged in within a specified number of days (varies by state) and if you have no pending job referrals, active job postings, or open enrollments.

Session Timeout

After a period of inactivity in your account, a session timeout warning will display. You have the option to continue your session or to log out. If you do not make a selection within the specified amount of time, you will be logged out.

Your Home Page

From your personalized home page, you can manage your resume searches, create and manage job postings, and maintain your personal profile and account preferences. Once you have created or uploaded at least one job posting, the top section of your home page displays your three most recent automatic resume matches. The bottom section displays your three most recently viewed resumes. To view the resume details, click a job title. To search for more resumes, click the Search More button.

Your employer main menu includes the following options:

  • My Home Page: Click to return to your personal home page.
  • My Job Postings: Click to access your job postings.
  • Search Resumes: Click to access the full suite of resume searches in AJL.
  • My Saved Searches: Click to access your saved resume searches.
  • My Company Profile: Click to manage your profile.
  • Help: Click to open the online user guide for JobLink. Use the search field, navigate the Employer menu, or watch the tutorials for assistance.
  • Log Out: Click to log out of JobLink.

My Company Profile

To manage your profile, in the job seeker main menu, click My Company Profile.

Account Information

From the Account Information section, you can view or change your username, password, security question, or security question answer. Click the appropriate link to change the corresponding information. You will need to verify your current password to change any of this information.

Contact Information

From the Contact Information section, you can update the contact information you provided when you created your account, or you can provide additional information (such as an email address or cell phone number). Edit or provide the desired information by clicking the Edit Contact Information link and click Submit.

Address Book

From the Address Book section, you can add or edit the content in your address book (addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, or web addresses). Click the Address Book link and review the existing information listed. To add information, click the appropriate corresponding button. When you are finished, click I Have No More to Add.

The Address Book can be used to manage addresses of different locations for your company. The company address you enter during Employer Registration is the main location information associated with your account. However, you may add an indefinite number of additional addresses to specify location for a job posting. You can manage your Address Book from My Profile or during the Job Posting creation process.

Activity Log

You can keep track of your recruitment activities using your Activity Log. Each time you send a system email to a job seeker, or a job seeker sends a system email to you, a record is automatically created in your Activity Log. The record includes the following information:

  • The job order title
  • The candidate's last name
  • The candidate's resume objective
  • Whether email was sent or received
  • The date you sent or received the email
  • To delete an activity, click the Delete link.
  • To type a note about your recruitment activities, click Personal Notes in the Related Links.

Company Information

From the Company Information section, you can view your personal information, such as your name, company description, contact title, website, number of employees, FEIN, SEIN, ownership category, and federal contractor information. To edit this content, click the Edit Company Information link. After updating and reviewing the information, click the Save button.

Employer Use Information

An Employer Use Information link displays in My Profile. Click on the link to review your employer use information.

Primary/Subordinate Status

To view, add, or edit any primary or subordinate accounts, click Primary/Subordinate Status. To edit your account's status, click Edit Employer Status. For more information about primary and subordinate accounts, see the Primary and Subordinate Accounts section.

Company Tags

To view, add, or edit company tags, which serve to group employers or jobs by special initiatives, events, or partnerships, click Company Tags. To edit your company's tags, click Edit Company Tags. A list of all available tags in the system display. Select or edit the tags that you wish to associate with your company and click Update.


To view a list of any notifications sent to you from AJL, click Notifications. A list of notifications displays, with the date sent. Click on the title of a notification to view the content. To display all notifications, click View all notifications.