Creating a Job Posting

Posting your job postings on America's JobLink (AJL) is essential for attracting potential job seekers. You can build a job posting from scratch using the AJL online job posting builder, and you can upload a job description you have already created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft WordPad, LibreOffice Writer, or any program that allows you to save files as .doc or .docx. You can post as many job postings as you like. AJL also gives you control over which information to display to potential job seekers on your job posting, such as the wages and your company contact information.

Quick Start Guide

Click to view full-screen video in new window: Creating a Job Posting QSG

Add New Job Posting

To post a new job opening, log into AJL. On the left side of your account menu, click My Job Postings. If you have any active job postings, they will display here.

  • If you recently created your employer account and it hasn’t been approved yet, you can still create job postings, but they will not be visible to the public until your account has been approved.
  • To create a new job posting, click Post A New Job. The online job posting builder is split into the following six steps:

    Create Similar Post

    1. Create Similar Post allows a job posting to be duplicated and can be used to quickly generate new job postings from existing job orders. From the My Job Postings page, identify the job status of the posting you desire to duplicate. Active, pending completion, on hold, referred, and closed jobs can be duplicated.
    2. From the desired job posting, click View Options. Click Create Similar Post.
    3. The Review and Post Job Order page displays.
    4. Review the content of the job posting. Click the Edit link at the top of any section to make changes, or in the left-hand menu, click the area of the posting that needs to be updated.
    5. Note that the publishing date is set to the current day, with the expiration date set to 30 days in the future. Edit if necessary.
    6. When you are satisfied that the details of the job posting are correct, click Activate to make the job posting active on its publishing date, or click Make Pending Staff to send to AJL staff who will review and approve the posting.