Job Search

The Job Search enables you to search job postings by keyword(s), with the ability to refine results by adding filters. A search can be as simple or detailed as desired, beginning with using the What, Where, and Within boxes to search, or choosing from a wide variety of filters in the Refine Search menu. The search filters and results are on the same page, so you can see immediately how your results are affected when you add or remove a filter. Search results are sorted by relevance (best match), which means that the results most closely matching your search criteria will display first. When searching by keyword(s), any jobs that have the keywords in the job title or occupation title will display at the top of the results. Below that will display jobs containing the keywords anywhere in the job order. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, try editing your keywords in the What box.

Quick Start Guide

Click to view full-screen video in new window: Searching for Jobs QSG


From the main menu, click Job Search.

Conduct Job Search

  1. Navigate to Job Search. When no filters are clicked or criteria entered in the What, Where, and Within boxes, the Job Search displays all job postings in the system.
  2. Type keyword(s) or a job order number in the What box. A drop-down list provides job title suggestions to narrow your search. You can click an option in the list or continue typing. When you are done, click the search icon (magnifying glass).
    1. If desired, add a location by entering a city and state or ZIP code in the Where box. If a location is entered, a search radius is required in the Within box.
  3. The search results display.
    1. The job results matching your keywords display below the What box, sorted by relevance. Job postings that have your keywords in the job title or occupation title will display at the top of the results. Below that will display jobs with your keywords anywhere in the job posting. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can change your entry in the What box at any time.
    2. When the Where box is empty, job results from across the state and even outside the state will display in your results. When you specify a location, you must also specify the distance in miles around which to search that location. This distance should reflect the distance you are willing to commute or relocate. Type the number of miles in the Within box, then click the search icon (magnifying glass). The search results are updated and now match your keywords and location + search radius.
  4. Narrow your search results using the Refine Search menu.
    1. To expand a category of filters, click the category. The number next to each filter within that category indicates the number of results you’ll get if you add the filter. A filter will only display for selection if there are results available for that filter. For example, if there are no jobs making $15.00 or more, you will not see the $15.00 or more filter.
    2. To add a filter to your search criteria, click it. Your search results will automatically update to match the filter you added. You can see all of the filters you’ve added in the Filtered by section. To remove a filter and widen your search, click the x next to the filter.
  1. The search results provide basic posting information including the job title, job posting number, last updated date, employer, location (city and state), and a portion of the job description. To view additional information, click the job title. For more about job postings, see Job Search Results.

Search for Jobs by Resume

  1. To search for jobs that match the occupation of a particular resume, click My Resumes. The My Resumes page displays.
  2. Next to the desired resume title, click the View Options button, then click the Search for matching jobs link.
  3. The Job Search displays. The What box is pre-filled with the occupation phrase from the selected resume as a starting point for the job search.
    1. Results are sorted by relevance (best match) based on the occupation phrase.
    2. Add additional search criteria or filters as desired, such as a location and desired salary. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, try editing your keywords (occupation phrase) in the What box. Shorter phrases often provide better matches; for example, “Baker” may provide more targeted matches than “Commercial Baker Helper.”

My Saved Searches

You must be logged in to save your job search.

  1. To save your job search to capture a certain set of search parameters and filters, type a unique name for the search in the Label box and click Save Search as... You can only save searches when you are logged into your job seeker account.
  2. To view previously saved job searches, click Show Saved Job Searches from the Job Search page, or click My Saved Searches from your main menu. The My Saved Job Searches page displays.
    1. Click the title of the search to conduct the search again. The number of matches next to the save job search title indicates the number of matches currently in the system.
    2. Click View Options to Run Search Again or Delete to remove the saved search.
    3. If you have saved a Job Search that was based on one of your resumes, if you delete that resume, the Job Search will also be deleted.