Registration Information

Registration Information is the first page of the demographics section. Demographics are data about the population and certain groups within it. This page asks about your personal and educational background.

All demographic pages try to determine if you may be eligible for certain services or assistance. Visit your local American Job Center for questions about registration or to request assistance. Job center staff can tell you if you are potentially eligible for free educational and training funding!

To view details about the questions asked, review the table below. You may see or not see all questions based on your answers.

Registration Information
Field Description
Social Security Number (Digits) Providing your SSN is optional.
  • If you have provided your SSN, it is partially masked up to the last four digits.
I do not wish to provide my Social Security number. (Check box) Select this statement if you are not providing your Social Security number.
  • If you selected this statement when you registered your account, the checkbox is already selected. Clear the checkbox if you are providing your Social Security number in the field above. If you entered your SSN on the previous page and now decide you don't want to share it, contact local American Job Center staff for assistance.
Date of Birth (Text/Calendar) Displays your entry from the previous page. Edit if necessary.
Do you identify as an ethnic Hispanic/Latino? (Drop-Down) Select No, Yes, or Prefer not to answer.
Race (Check all that apply) (Check box) Select the race(s) with which you identify, select More than one race, or select Prefer not to answer.
  • You can choose not to self-identify. If you select Yes to the ethnic Hispanic/Latino question, Race is not required.
English is not my first language and I have limited ability speaking, reading, writing, or understanding English. (Drop-Down) Select Yes if it is difficult for you to communicate in English.
What is your native language? (Drop-Down) If you answered Yes above, select your native language. If your language is not listed, select Other.
If you selected Other, what is your native language? (Text) Enter your native language if you selected Other above.
Do you prefer to communicate in sign language? (Drop-Down) If you prefer to communicate in sign language, select your preferred sign language style.
What is your sex? (Drop-Down) Select the sex with which you identify or choose Prefer not to answer.
How many people, including yourself, are in your household? (Digits) Enter the number of family members living in your household including yourself.
  • Family members include anyone related by blood, marriage, or adoption living in the household.
Does a physical or mental impairment limit one or more major life activities? (Drop-Down) Select whether you have a physical or mental impairment. If you prefer not to identify whether you have an impairment, select Prefer not to answer.
Select any disabilities that limit your life activities. (Check box) If you answered Yes to the previous question, select any disabilities that affect you.
  • You may select more than one option. If you prefer not to identify your impairment, select Prefer not to answer.
Are you an Individualized Education Program (IEP) participant? (In-school youth only) (Drop-Down) If you answered Yes to the question about disabilities and you are currently in school, you must select whether you have a Current IEP, had a Previous IEP, or if this question is not applicable, select Neither applies.
What best describes your current school attendance? (Drop-Down) Select the option that best describes your education status.
  • For example, if you are no longer in school because you have completed high school, college, or other post-secondary education, your current school attendance would be listed as Not attending school, high school diploma, GED, or higher.
What is the highest grade you have completed? (Drop-Down) Select the highest school grade you have completed, relative to elementary and high school.
Overall, what is the highest level of education you have completed? (Drop-Down) Select the highest credential or degree you have completed, or the amount of schooling that best describes your education experience.
Are you a Registered Apprentice? (Drop-Down) Select from No, Yes, or Unknown.
What is your Registered Apprentice number? (Text) If you selected Yes above, enter the number you were given when you entered your apprenticeship. If you are not sure, enter zeroes and return later to update this field when you have the information. (This question may not display in your state.)
What was your hourly wage when you entered the apprenticeship program? (Text) If you selected Yes to the apprenticeship question, enter your starting wage when you became an apprentice.
Were you already employed with a registered apprenticeship program sponsor for at least 6 months prior to program enrollment? (Drop-Down) If you selected Yes to the apprenticeship question, select Yes if you were already employed with a registered apprenticeship program sponsor for at least six months prior to enrollment in the apprenticeship program. Otherwise, select No.
Have you served on active duty with the armed forces of the United States? (Drop-Down) Select if you are currently serving or have ever served on active duty for the U.S. military.
Are you the spouse of an active duty service member or veteran (living or deceased)? (Drop-Down) Select if you are married to, or are a widow of, a service member of the U.S. military.


Depending on how you answered questions on the Registration Information page, you are taken to the Veteran Service Status page or the Veteran Spouse Information page. To view either of these steps, select Veteran Service or Veteran Spouse Information. To return to the overview of registration, go to Creating an Account.