Create Job Seeker Account

The first page of job seeker account registration is Create Job Seeker Account. You create your username and password and provide basic contact information on this page.

To view details about the questions asked, review the table below. Note that each question includes a brief description and notes when the question is visible.

Create Job Seeker Account
Field Description
Social Security Number (Digits) Enter your Social Security number.
  • We recommend that you provide your Social Security number. If you provide your SSN and later need to edit or delete it, contact an American Job Center for assistance. For more information on the purpose of a Social Security number in registering an account, select Why we ask for your Social Security number at the top of the page.
Confirm Social Security Number (Digits) Re-enter your Social Security number.
I do not wish to provide my Social Security number. (Check Box) Select the checkbox if you decline to provide your SSN.
Date of Birth (Text/Calendar) Select or type your date of birth.
  • You must be at least 14 years old to use the system.
Account Information
Username (Text) Enter a username. Usernames must be 6-20 characters long and cannot contain spaces.
Password (Text) Enter a password.
  • Your password must be between 9 and 128 characters and can include letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords are case sensitive. The password must be "Strong" as indicated by the password strength meter. If you need to view what you've entered, select Show.
Confirm Password (Text) Re-enter the password. If this does not match the password field, an error message displays with this information.
Security Question (Drop-Down) Select a security question to which you will remember the answer. The security question is used to verify your identity in case you forget your username or password.
Security Question Answer (Text) Enter the answer to your security question. Answers are not case sensitive.
Profile Information
First Name (Text) Enter your first name.
Middle Initial (Text) Enter your middle initial.
Last Name (Text) Enter your last name.
Phone (Digits) Enter your primary telephone number. Check the box below this field to opt-in to text messages.
Fax (Digits) Enter your fax number.
Email (Text) Enter your email address.
  • Providing an email address is required in most states. You must provide an email if you want to receive emails about job openings, services, activities, and job referrals. If you provide an email address, you will receive an email with confirmation instructions. If you provide an email that has already been confirmed, you will receive a validation message: "This email address has already been confirmed. If you think you have an account with this email, go to Forgot Username or Password. Otherwise, provide a different email address. If you think this message is in error, contact <your state's help desk>."
Email Confirmation (Text) Re-enter your email address.
Address Line 1 (Text) Enter the street address of your residence.
  • If you do not have an address of residence, provide the address of your local American Job Center. To find the address of your local American Job Center, select Contact Us in the top navigation menu.
Address Line 2 (Text) Enter any additional address information, including apartment or building number.
City (Text) Enter the city of residence.
State (Drop-Down) Select the state in which the home or business is located. If outside the United States, select --International--.
ZIP (Digits) Enter your five-digit ZIP code.
Country (Drop-Down) Select your country of residence. The United States is the default selection.
International State/Province (Text) If the home or business is in a country other than the U.S., enter the international state/province. (This field displays only after a country other than the United States is selected in the previous field.)
International Postal Code (Text) If the home or business is in a country other than the U.S., enter the international postal code. (This field displays only after a country other than the United States is selected in the previous field.)
Work Phone (Digits) Enter your work telephone number.
Work Email (Text) Enter your work email address.
How did you hear about our services? (Check all that apply.) (Check Box) Check all ways in which you heard about our services. Question and options may vary by state.


For the next page in job seeker registration, select Registration Information. To return to the overview of registration, go to Creating an Account.